Lookout Wild Film Festival 2022 - Feb 4-6th
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Join us at the Lookout Wild Film Festival!

Dear LWFF fam:

Frankly, things are a little bleak around the Lookout Wild Film Festival office. Well, if we had an office, that’s how it would look, anyway.

TL;DR : We’re moving LWFF to Feb. 4-6 in order to deliver the best festival we can, but we need your help. Your tickets are still valid and the Tivoli will email you about refund options if you can’t join us for the new dates.

From our first sparsely attended festival in 2013 to selling out the Tivoli Theater in January 2020, LWFF weekends have been some of my favorite Chattanooga weekends ever.But, Covid has made everything hard, and we need your help.This year our costs have gone up big time at the same time our sponsorship is at an all time low. Our board has met way more than we ever have before just to try and figure out the right paths forward.

It’s been a difficult couple of years, and it was very tempting to pack it in and give up on the festival this year. But then we remembered why we created LWFF to begin with!We started LWFF to be a bright spot on the Chattanooga calendar. We hoped that by showcasing wild places and the people they inspire we could make us all better humans and improve our outdoor community.

So, we’re down, but we are not out — we just need your help to make LWFF 2022 happen.Over the years, many of you have shared with me how LWFF films inspired you to live more environmentally friendly, think differently, learn a language, quit a job, try a new sport, work harder at being inclusive and explore the woods near or far.

The Tivoli staff has graciously allowed us to move LWFF further from this January Covid spike to Feb. 4-6. (If you already have tickets, they are still good to go, but the Tivoli/Ticketmaster will be emailing you about a refund option if you can’t join us for the new dates.)We’re doing this in hopes that a three-week postponement allows us to have a safer festival with fewer mandates and that ticket sales have a chance to catch up closer to a normal year.The good news is, since we’re all volunteers and not for profit, there is no one to layoff or investors to make mad. We just want LWFF to continue as an awesome weekend for Chattanooga.

  • Would you commit to doing any of these to help?
  • Buy yourself a weekend pass.
  • Buy a gift ticket for your belay partner, fishing buddy, the tech at the bike shop or someone else.
  • Join our Facebook Event and invite your friends.
  • Share our trailer on Facebook or Instagram.
  • Invite a real life friend, coworker, person you see at the dog park, running group member, random hiker you pass on the trail or campsite neighbor.

If you commit to one or more of those things, we’d like to invite you to our special 10th anniversary screening after the regular film block on Saturday Feb. 5 at the Tivoli. We’ll be showing a couple of our favorite films from our first 10 years.

Thank you for being inspired and continuing to help make the LWFF magic happen. I look forward to seeing you at the Tivoli in February!

-Andy Johns
LWFF Director and Founder