The Watershed

A remote gorge or a backyard paddle

The North Chickamauga Creek watershed’s unique beauty and diversity set it apart as a regional attraction. Avid hikers and kayakers explore the more remote upper reaches of the gorge, while residents of Chattanooga enjoy leisurely paddles on the lower reaches of the creek around Greenway Farms. Novice kayakers hone their skills on the Bowling Alley section of whitewater off of Montlake Road, and day hikers enjoy a swim in the blue hole just upstream. The North Chickamauga Creek watershed is also one of the most biodiverse natural areas in the region, providing a key protected space for critically important flora and fauna.

Adventures in the watershed

We have compiled a few highlights the watershed has to offer. Be sure to check below for a more in-depth GIS view of everything our beautiful gorge has to offer.

Man holding a fish in the palm of his hands over a stream

Trout Fishing

In partnership with the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, NCCC volunteers have begun stocking the North Chickamauga Creek with rainbow trout. While species of bass and bream can be caught throughout the lower reaches of the creek, the introduction of rainbow trout to the gorge presents a new and unique opportunity for anglers in the area.Learn More

Girl climbing on rocky trail with her mother's help

Flipper Bend

The Flipper Bend area offers 20+ miles of trail and some unique views of the gorge from the south rim. The trail follows a mix of jeep trails and single track and consists of loops that take hikers along the bluff lines of the gorge, offering a variety of views of the gorge and theLearn More

Whitewater Kayaking

Whitewater Kayaking

Depending on water levels, kayakers can paddle Cain, Cooper, and North Chickamauga Creeks. Cain Creek and North Chickamauga Creek are both considered classic runs for those familiar with southeastern kayaking, offering miles of consistent class IV-V drops. The upper sections of these runs should be taken seriously. If going for the first time, make sureLearn More

Boots standing in rippling water on the Cumberland Trail

Cumberland Trail

The Cumberland Trail has access points off Montlake Road, Barker Camp Road, and Hall Road, offering 18 miles of hiking trails through the gorge.  In the upper watershed, the hike from the Hall Road access point to Barker Camp Road consists of 10 miles of trail that runs along North Chickamauga Creek above the CainLearn More

Dog playing at the Greenway Farms dog park

Greenway Farms

Greenway Farms offers a variety of opportunities to enjoy the flatwater section of North Chickamauga Creek. A walking trail follows the creek around a horseshoe bend, a dog park offers exercise options for our furry friends, and the calm water and close proximity of put-ins and takeouts make this a favorite for the paddlers whoLearn More

Trail Maps

Arrive in the Know

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