Dog playing at the Greenway Farms dog park
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Greenway Farms

Greenway Farms offers a variety of opportunities to enjoy the flatwater section of North Chickamauga Creek. A walking trail follows the creek around a horseshoe bend, a dog park offers exercise options for our furry friends, and the calm water and close proximity of put-ins and takeouts make this a favorite for the paddlers who don’t want to run a longer shuttle.

The Quarry

Included among the scenic views and attractions along the Greenway Trail is the quarry originally excavated by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) as a source of limestone for the construction of Chickamauga Dam. The Chickamauga Dam is located on the Tennessee River, just upstream from the mouth of the North Chickamauga Creek. A portion of the Greenway Trail follows the old haul road to the dam. The quarry is now flooded, and the cliff created by the quarry’s high wall is an impressive sight. Fishing and swimming are prohibited in the quarry.

The Trails

The main Greenway Trail along North Chickamauga Creek is a mixed-use trail of asphalt or crushed rock surface. The branch trails along the way include mowed grass trails and single-track dirt trails. The Boy Scout Trail within TVA’s Big Ridge Small Wild Area is the only trail along the Greenway restricted to foot traffic only. The Small Wild Area is a sensitive preserve of plant and animal habitats and includes a population of the federally threatened wildflower Scutellaria montana, or large-flowered skullcap. The Boy Scout Trail is a steep trek up the side of Big Ridge that makes it a challenging 1.25 mile loop.

The Dog Park

Dogs are welcome visitors to the North Chickamauga Creek Greenway. Dogs must be on a leash at all times while in the park, except in the large fenced-in off-leash area across from the bathrooms near the Hamill Road entrance. The dog park includes several agility ramps and water sources for dogs and owners. Please clean up after your pets.