Boots standing in rippling water on the Cumberland Trail
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Cumberland Trail

The Cumberland Trail has access points off Montlake Road, Barker Camp Road, and Hall Road, offering 18 miles of hiking trails through the gorge. 

In the upper watershed, the hike from the Hall Road access point to Barker Camp Road consists of 10 miles of trail that runs along North Chickamauga Creek above the Cain Creek Confluence. This section passes the legendary Helican Blue Hole.

The trail from Barker Camp Road to the access on Montlake Road passes through the Stevensons Branch campsite, which sits at the confluence of Cooper Creek, Stevensons Branch, and North Chickamauga Creek. This campsite features a rock overhang, a waterfall cooling waterfall, and a nice swimming hole with a smooth rock slide at the right flows. This trail travels from the creek up to the top of the ridge and back to the creek, so be prepared for some climbing. The trail passes an old coal mine, a couple of waterfalls, and an excellent overlook at the top of the wooden steps.